Research by Oral-B

Research by Oral-B questioning a group of 1000 men and women shows that while it’s no surprise that people make judgement based on initial impressions, it’s a person’s smile and teeth which can prompt intuitive views about their lifestyle.

Both groups were asked the same questions based on the photograph of the same women with clean and with heavily stained teeth.

The report reveals that:



·     Bad looking teeth can age you by 13 years

·     82% think you earn more if you have healthy looking teeth

·     Men rank a “gorgeous smile” higher than a “great figure”

·     40% of men think women with unhealthy teeth must be single


The report reveals just how much we assume about a person from looking at their teeth.”


The team at the Harrow Dental Centre take a sympathetic view and will work with you to recreate a healthy youthful smile in keeping with your  own unique personality and appearance

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