Your Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Whilst many things have changed over the past few months, one thing has remained the same, our commitment to you.

We have been anxious to get back to work to be able to help you look after your oral health. Our patients’ health and safety continues to be our priority.

As a result of the devastating effect that COVID 19 has had on our society, we have therefore had to implement several key cross infection control changes to our practice.

We will be in touch as soon as we receive delivery of the correct personal protection equipment (PPE).

We want to be certain of your safety. Due to the shortages of PPE and short notice provided by the authorities this is likely to be by mid June 2020.

Cross infection control

In addition to stringent cross infection controls already in place, additional protection for patients and staff will now be introduced. All dental staff members will now wear new PPE gloves, visors, disposable gowns and KN95 or PPF3 masks at all times.

Time between appointments will need to be increased (in line with PHE advice) to allow sufficient time for aerosols to settle and the surgery as well as all equipment to be disinfected and deep cleaned.

If you require any more information on the cross infection control systems please do not hesitate to contact us by email, telephone.

Please make sure that you are on time for your appointment so that you may benefit from your strictly allocated time, as the nursing staff will need extra time to thoroughly clean and sterilise the room and equipment before the next patient’s reserved slot. A late arrival will unfortunately result in a shorter appointment.

Kindly note that until further notice the toilet facilities will not be available.



Please download a Medical History form our website from our New Patient Profile tab This form should be signed and returned by email, post or hand it to us prior to your appointment.

We may contact you the day before your appointment at an agreed time, in order to ask you some additional screening questions.

At Your Appointment

When you arrive at our practice please call reception on 0208 4272543. Please remain in your car until you are called to the surgery. (If you are not coming by car, please let us know beforehand so that separate arrangements may be made). Kindly arrive at the practice wearing a face covering or mask.

Only the person receiving treatment may attend, unless they are a child (or siblings under 18 with appointments booked) or an individual who needs assistance.

Please bring in as few personal items as you can, this includes, where and when possible coats and bags.

When you enter the surgery:

  1. Please keep your mask or face covering in place.
  2. Your temperature will be taken
  3. Your medical history will also be rechecked.

Your mobile phone and other personal items will then be placed in a storage unit and you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided. You will be given shoe and hair coverings which must remain on until your appointment has ended.

After reapplying hand sanitiser, you will be shown to the dental chair when, after an initial consultation regarding oral health or your treatment plan, you will be asked to remove your mask and rinse your mouth with a specially prepared mouthwash for 30 seconds.

Your consultation or treatment will then take place.

After Your Appointment

A FaceTime or WhatsApp consultation can, if necessary, be arranged to discuss your future needs or a potential treatment plan.

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