Copyright Policy

What content from this web site can you use?

You are very welcome and encouraged to view and enjoy this web site’s content as it is presented in its original format (online) and PDF downloads within this web site. You can view the images, print them for your own personal reference, but you may not redistribute any part of this web site for any commercial purposes. ‘Contents’ of this web site including written text, images, html mark-up, scripting, and supporting text or images files, are not to be re-used, duplicated, edited, decompiled, media form, or use any part to store or transfer in any media format (digital, or other) except printing without express written permission from the respective copyright ©

Is it all right to borrow text I might find useful if I change it round for my own purposes?

No. If you did not get permission to use it, it is not yours to edit and/or use.

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