About Us

The Harrow Dental Centre has served the community since the 1930’s.The past Principals were Sir Rodney Swiss (founder), Professor Geoffrey Dawes, Peter Lee and Barry Grusd. 

Ira Miller has been the Principal of the practice since 1986. 

We believe that everyone should have their own healthy teeth for their entire lifetime. To support this belief, we subscribe to a program of Preventative Dental Care. It is also our belief that prevention of disease is far more enjoyable less costly and more comfortable for all concerned. 

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth as quickly and economically as possible. You can be independently healthy and be able to control your own Oral Health with only minimal support from our Practice Team.  Our Oral Hygienists have University Diplomas. They will ensure the care and treatment of gum disease and education in methods of prevention. 

We provide dental care for the whole family.  It gives the Practice Team great sense of pride that we are ‘the dentist’ for toddlers, their parents and their Grandparents. 

The Harrow Dental Centre has served the community for the past 80 years. We have enjoyed the rare privilege of continuing to treat people who, now in their eighties, have been visiting the practice since childhood. 

We are extremely proud of a reputation that people are happy to travel to visit us, travelling  from outside  the Harrow area , Barnett, Borhamwood, Bushey, Brockenhurst, Camberwell, Cardiff, Central London, Chorley Wood, Denham, Ealing, Eastcote, Edgware, Elstree, Fanborough, Great Missenden, Hayes, Hatch End, Islington, Kenton, Leeds, Maide Vale, Mill Hill, Moor Park, Northwood, Preston Road, Pinner,  Ruislip, Stanmore, Watford, Wembleyand West Hampstead, We are flattered by trouble people take to visit us from Paris, Saint Margoux and Nice in France, Hamburg in Germany, Doha in Qatar, to name but a few. 

You can find us on the Harrow Business site www.harrow.org.uk

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