Down To Earth Advice

The Team has 70 years of combined dental experience! We provide ‘patient centred’ advice on treatment based on what is best for you. 

We provide dental care that is takes into account your wants and needs we also take into account our own experience. 

We believe that the treatment decisions are made with you as the decision maker. All treatment is provided taking care that you are comfortable with the commitment of both your budget of time and money. 

We believe that it is impossible for us to know everything. 

Experience has taught us what works in our hands. As it is impossible for us to be expert in everything, we are happy refer to specialist colleagues for treatment which is beyond the range of our experience and too complex for general dental practice. This is no different, for example, to your general medical practitioner referring you to a specialist for a thyroid problem. 

We work with several respected colleagues in the various specialities of dentistry. Referral can be made to Private specialists or specialists who work in NHS hospital or Community Clinics for orthodontic treatment (for a nice even smile), implant surgery (to place an implant/artificial root) and treatment in other aspects of dentistry where we feel it is in your interest to receive specialist treatment 

Please feel free to contact us about any aspect of dental care

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