The Harrow Dental Centre grows by word of mouth. We always welcome and appreciate meeting new patients. It gives us great satisfaction to know you believe in our services enough to recommend us to your friends and family. When you refer new patients to us, we respect the fact that you are also putting your own reputation on the line and will ensure that your faith in our team is justified.

Professional Service provider referrals; We accept that it is impossible for us to be an expert about everything .When  the nature of treatment requirements are beyond our experience, we do not hesitate to refer people to specialist colleagues for example  for orthodontic treatment (straightening smiles) or  for placement of dental implants. 

The Harrow Dental Centre team often uses the skills of our family of patients for services such as IT support, web site design, plumbing, flooring, daily cleaning services, legal advice, accountancy advice, to name but a few.

If you would like us to provide details of our professional service referrals or any aspect of dental care please contact Ira Miller.

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