A smile is the shortest distance between two people

Are you like so many people who do not like the smile they see in the mirror?

Do you cover your mouth in photos or end up not smiling at all?

No matter where you come from or what language you speak, your smile is a hugely important form of communication. ‘It instantly portrays your image, personality, mood and confidence.

Your smile says so much about you to the people you greet, welcoming them and putting them at ease.

A healthy and attractive smile is an important facet of life. It impacts your health, self-esteem and relationships, both personal and professional.

A vibrant smile will also help you to look and feel younger. Most people think of a facelift when they want to look younger, but having youthful looking teeth make do the same job, if not better, and is less invasive.

The Harrow Dental Centre team can work with you to create a¬†healthy smile to be proud of….

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