A Mature persons guide to good Dental Health

Teeth are for life.

It is now expected that we should be able to keep all of our teeth for life. As we get older, the condition of our teeth and gums changes along with our health, lifestyle and the way we eat. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in people over the age of 35. Old fillings with rough surfaces (including those of poorly fitting dentures/crowns or bridges) make your teeth and gums more susceptible to disease (tooth decay and gum inflammation)

The team at the Harrow Dental Centre® will be happy to advise as to how best to restore the health of your teeth and gums   
Saliva  helps to protect teeth  by washing away acid produced by oral bacteria each time we eat repeated acid attacks on the tooth or root surface leads to tooth decay. Saliva production decreases as we get older. Some medication makes the situation worse. Saliva is important to chew food properly. Drink water while eating, if you have a ‘dry mouth‘. You can purchase sprays and mouth washes to further help improve the situation. (We encourage you are welcome to ask us for advice)

Bacteria acts on sugars present in food and drinks. (Remember starchy foods like crackers and savoury snacks also eventually get broken down to produce acids). If you need to eat small frequent meals – protect your teeth with a glass of water or milk or finish the meal with cheese to reduce the acid levels.
Do not wait until you have discomfort to arrange a dental examination or oral hygienist visit. Problems detected and treated early (even before you are aware) are simpler, more comfortable and less costly to treat.

At the Harrow Dental Centre ® we recognise that everyone has different needs. We will tailor your dental care to suit the restraints of your budget of time or money…because your healthy smile is important to us.

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